Madina Phone

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Platinum Dialer Rent with Server

We Provide Madina Phone Platinum Dialer for Rent with VoIPSwitch Server And Byte Saver Server and all A-Z routes. 

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Hosted Reseller With Gateway Adding Facality

If you are a reseller of MadinaPhone you can get your own gateway and dialplan.and many more...

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A-Z Whole sales Routes & Lavel 4 Billing Rent

Madina Phone Provides All Country A-Z Routes. and level 4 Reseller System for Rental Services.

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VoipServer and Byte Server Rent

Madina Phone Provide All Server like VOS3000, VoipSwitch, Byte Saver,VPN Services, Mera Switch etc.

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Welcome to madinaphone

Madina Phone, is one of the leading providers of Internet telephony solutions to consumers, resellers and service providers worldwide. Madina Phone, offers a wide range of Voice over IP (VoIP) services including Broadband Phone,PC Phone,Virtual Calling Cards and more.

At Madina Phone, we strive to create maximum online brand awareness in the wholesale and retail segments and offer our customers the entire spectrum of VoIP business solutions.Our uninterrupted and easy to integrate services have given enough reasons for a growing number of customers to express their satisfaction with a smile.

In Our Role as VoIP Provider, We deliver

High quality call.
24/7 technical support.
Lowest turn around times in the processing the requests.

Make sure you join us today and express & explore the potential profitability of VoIP call termination technology.

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